2006 King Air C90GT S/N LJ-1793
The C90GT keeps the comfort and wonderful flying feel that pilots love and deliversa lot more performance. It can't catch the light jets, but it has dented their speed advantage without giving up cabin and cockpit room and comfort. The C90GT airframe is the same basic size as the original King Air with five passenger seats and the roomy squared-oval cabin shape. What makes it a "GT" are new Pratt & Whitney PT6 engines, and new four-blade propellers, that increase cruise speed by at least 25 knots and improve climb rates by as much as 50 percent at higher altitudes, all without shortening range on the same amount of fuel. 

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2006 King Air C90GT S/N LJ-1793
2006 King Air C90GT S/N LJ-1793
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