2008 King Air B200GT sn BY50 N313BM
The Beechcraft King Air B200GT evolved from the Beechcraft King Air B200, the most popular business aircraft model of all time.

Featuring a 305-knot max cruise speed, the upgraded Beechcraft King Air B200GT enjoys a nearly 20-knot speed increase and climbs faster to its intended cruising altitudes than the King Air B200. These performance improvements are due to the two new, recently certified Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-52 engines designed specially for this aircraft.

The PT6A-52 was derived by mating the turbine section of the 1,050-shp capable PT6A-60A found on the Super King Air 350 with the existing King Air B200 PT6A-42 gearbox. The result is an engine that holds its 850-shp flat rating to a much higher altitude, improving climb and cruise performance under almost all flight scenarios.
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2008 King Air B200GT sn BY50 N313BM
2008 King Air B200GT sn BY50 N313BM
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