1990 Learjet 31ER s/n 14 N5VG
The Learjet Model 31, which was produced from 1988 to 2002,is a small, fast and ­simple airplane, a concept the marketplace embraced. The 31 mated the tube of its immediate progenitor, the Model 35/36, to the high-performance wing of the short-lived Model 28/29 "Longhorn." In so doing, the 31 honored both pocket-rocket legacy and the Spartan cabin spirit of those original 1960s Learjets. The 31's Procrustean ­cabin cross section: height 4.35 feet, width 4.95 feet. Cozy. Fill up the seven ­passenger seats. There's 30 cubic feet of luggage space and it is inside the 12-foot-long cabin. 
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1990 Learjet 31 ER s/n 14 N5VG
1990 Learjet 31 ER s/n 14 N5VG
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